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The Full Story


First Date is a revolutionary matchmaking event like never before. Step into a dynamic hub of various activities, where themed rooms cater to your interests, allowing you to mingle with like-minded individuals and discover potential matches. From rooms filled with music or fashion, games or DIY art, immerse yourself in captivating conversations and find your perfect match through fun and laughter. Join us for an extraordinary evening of connections and embark on a magical first date. Your love story starts here!

The Mission

Your mission is to meet The One that you would like to have a First Date with!

Explore through our rooms of various experiences, seeking out the activities that suit your interests!

Meet and engage with people who share the same interests until you find someone you really vibe with!

At the end of the night, if you have found a good match... have your First Date here, at our concert!

The Process

Upon arrival, you will receive FIVE (5) Experience Room tokens with your admission.

Feel free to browse around, mingle at will, and see our selection of experience rooms.

When you find a room that you would like to enter, use one token to enter and explore (Don't worry, more tokens can be obtained at the door)!

Have a good time with the experiences, meet the people inside and see if you catch any vibes!

If not, try another room... but if you do... maybe try some new rooms together!

If you meet a match, you can enjoy a private speed dating session, followed by a concert!

If you don't meet a good fit just yet, just keep on enjoying the experience rooms... and THEN come to the concert!

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